Tips for Using the Remote File Functions

When executing a remote file function, a file is opened on the host system and a handle is returned to the caller. It is the responsibility of the caller to ensure the proper operation of the file and that the file is closed correctly. The scope of the local files, which are opened with the FileOpen function or the IniFileOpen function, is from the start of a script to the end of the script. A script can either be an individual test case in a test plan or an implicit or explicit driver script, which calls multiple test cases. The scope of the remote files, which are opened with the SYS_FileOpen function or SYS_IniFileOpen function, is from AGENT connect to AGENT disconnect. Most of the time, the default scope of the remote files is from the start of a test case to the end of the test case. The default scope can be overwritten by using the Connect function and the Disconnect function.