GetManyProperties Function




Returns the values for a list of properties or returns all the properties for the specified window.


lpPropInfo = window.GetManyProperties ([lsProperties])
Variable Description
lpPropInfo The property values returned for this window. LIST OF PROPINFO.
lsProperties Optional: When specified, limits the values returned to those for the particular properties listed in lsProperties. LIST OF STRING.


Use GetManyProperties to get the current values for all the properties of the window object, or specify a subset of those properties in the lsProperties argument to get just those values. The available properties include all those inherited from parent classes.


In the following example, the variable TextProps specifies several properties which are associated with the TextField FindWhat and its parents, Control and AnyWin. The values of the properties are returned in TextPropVals.

[-] LIST OF STRING TextProps {...}
	[ ] bEnabled
	[ ] bHasFocus
	[ ] sValue
[ ] LIST OF PROPINFO TextPropVals = TextEditor.Search.Find.FindWhat.GetManyProperties(TextProps)
4Test defines the PROPINFO data type as follows:
[-] type PROPINFO is record
	[ ] STRING sName // name of property
	[ ] ANYTYPE aValue // value of property