Overview of Record Functionality Available for the Silk Test Agents

The Open Agent provides the majority of the same record capabilities as the Classic Agent and the same replay capabilities.

The following table lists the record functionality available for each Silk Test agent.

Record Command Classic Agent Open Agent
Window Declarations Supported Supported
Application State Supported Supported
Testcase Supported Supported
Actions Supported Supported
Window Identifiers Supported Not Supported
Window Locations Supported Not Supported
Window Locators Not Supported Supported
Class/Scripted Supported Not Supported
Class/Accessibility Supported Not Supported
Method Supported Not Supported
Defined Window Supported Not Supported
Note: Silk Test Classic determines which agent to use by detecting whether a locator or Find or FindAll command is used. If a locator or Find or FindAll command is present, Silk Test Classic uses the Open Agent. As a result, you do not need to record window declarations for the Open Agent. For calls that use window declarations, the agent choice is made based on the presence or absence of the locator keyword and on the presence or absence of TAG_IS_OPEN_AGENT in a tag or multitag. When a window declaration contains both locators and tags and either could be used for resolving the window, check or uncheck the Prefer Locator check box in the General Options dialog box to determine which method is used.