Usability Enhancements

This section lists usability enhancements that have been made in Silk Test 19.5.

Text recognition for WebDriver-based browsers

Silk Test Workbench now supports text recognition for WebDriver-based browsers.

Text recognition includes the following methods:
  • TextCapture
  • TextClick
  • TextExists
  • TextRectangle

Dynamically invoking methods when testing native mobile apps

To call Appium WebDriver methods that are not exposed through the API of your Silk Test client, Silk Test now enables dynamically invoking methods on mobile devices.

Storing ActiveData files in the database

You can now store ActiveData files in the Silk Test Workbench database.

Viewing includes for object maps

In Silk Test Workbench, you can now view which assets include an object map, so that you can update these assets when renaming or changing the object map.

Pausing test execution

While playing back a test in Silk Test Workbench, you can now pause the test execution at the current action by pressing Alt+F11.