Waiting for a Property

Insert a step into a visual test to wait for a property of a control in the application under test (AUT) to get a specific value. Insert such a step to coordinate synchronization between the visual test playback and the test application.

  1. Open the visual test to which you want to add the step.
  2. Right-click on the step that precedes where you want to insert the step and choose Insert > Synchronization and Timing > Wait for property. Silk Test Workbench inserts a new step below the selected step.
  3. Select the newly created step to display its properties in the Properties pane.
  4. In the Locator field, specify the locator of the control in the AUT which contains the property that you want to wait for.
  5. In the Property field, select the property.
  6. In the Value field, specify the value for which you want to wait.
  7. In the Timeout field, specify the maximum time to wait before continuing playback.
  8. Click Save to save the step and its property value. The updated step and its descriptive text appear in the visual test.