Using Variables as Verification Asset Names in Image Verifications

When executing an image verification from a visual test, you can use a visual test variable, an active data variable, or an expression for the verification asset name. This enables you to execute the same image verification on various verification assets, depending on the value of the variable or the expression.

For a VB .NET script, this functionality is supported through the image recognition methods, ImageClick, ImageExists, and so on. In these methods, you specify a string as the image asset name. This string can be the name of a variable or of an expression.

For a visual test, you need to specify the name for the verification asset in the properties of the image verification test step:

  1. Open the visual test that contains the image verification.
  2. Select the image verification test step.
  3. Open the Properties pane.
  4. In the Name field, click ... and select the variable that you want to use as the verification asset name.