Visual Navigator: Screen Preview

The Screen Preview displays a captured image of the test application for each step in the Test Steps pane that interacts with a control. The captured image can show the full desktop, the application window, or only the active window. Captured images represent the state of the application before its associated step is executed.

The Screen Preview synchronizes with the Test Steps pane. When you select a step that interacts with a control, the Screen Preview displays an image of the test application screen and highlights the control being automated in the selected step. If the highlighted step interacts with a control in the image, the control highlights with a rectangle around the control. Also, clicking a control in a captured image highlights the first sequential step that interacts with that control if any exist.

When working with a visual test in the Visual Navigator, you can interact with images in the Screen Preview to create steps without requiring access to the test application.

When the Test Steps pane in the Visual Navigator is empty, the Screen Preview displays a watermark image that has instructions on how to start recording.