Recording a Visual Test that Tests Multiple Test Applications

You can record a test that tests multiple test applications. For example, if you are testing an application that modifies a database and you use a database viewer tool to verify the database contents, you must add an additional application configuration for the database viewer tool.

  1. Record a visual test or create one manually for the primary application that you want to test.
  2. Open the visual test.
  3. Click the <<Start>> step in the Task pane.
  4. In the Properties pane, navigate to the Application Configurations category.
  5. Click into the Application Configurations text box.
  6. Click Add Application Configuration. The Select Application dialog box appears.
  7. Select the tab that corresponds to the type of application that you want to additionally test.
    • If you are testing a standard application that does not run in a browser, select the Windows tab.
    • If you are testing a web application or a mobile web application, select the Web tab.
    • If you are testing a native mobile application, select the Mobile tab.
  8. To test a standard application, select the application from the list.
  9. To test a web application or a mobile web application, select one of the installed browsers or mobile browsers from the list.
    1. Specify the web page to open in the Enter URL to navigate text box. If an instance of the selected browser is already running, you can click Use URL from running browser to record against the URL currently displayed in the running browser instance.
    2. Optional: If you want to test a web application on a desktop browser with a predefined browser size, select the browser size from the Browser size list.
      For example, to test a web application on Apple Safari and in a browser window which is as big as the screen of the Apple iPhone 7, select Apple iPhone 7 from the list.
    3. Optional: Select an Orientation for the browser window.
    4. Optional: Click Edit Browser Sizes to specify a new browser size and to select which browser sizes should be shown in the Browser size list.
  10. To test a native mobile application (app):
    1. Select the mobile device, on which you want to test the app, from the list.
    2. Click Browse to select the app file or enter the full path to the app file into the Mobile app file text field. Silk Test Workbench supports HTTP and UNC formats for the path. Silk Test Workbench installs the app on the mobile device or emulator.
  11. Click OK. Silk Test Workbench adds a new application configuration to the Properties pane.
  12. Record additional steps for the visual test using the new application configuration.