Playback Error Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to determine the action to take when a playback error occurs.

This dialog box appears when Silk Test Workbench encounters an error during visual test or script playback.

The Playback Error dialog box contains the following buttons:

Continue – Resumes playback by retrying the step that caused the error. The error appears in the Details tab of the playback result for the visual test. Use this option to resume playback after resolving the error. This button is enabled for visual tests only.

End – Stops playback at the step causing the error. The Playback Complete dialog box opens, allowing you to replay the visual test or script, display the results for the playback, or return to the visual test or script.

Debug – Enters debug mode, which allows stepping through playback to help diagnose and fix errors in the visual test. This button is enabled for visual tests only.

Help – Displays this help topic in the online help.