Inserting a Screen from the Test Application into a Visual Test

Once a visual test step is created, you can open it and insert a screen capture and manually add the related test steps rather than recording additional screens and actions. Inserting a screen capture enables you to manually build a visual test that contains updated screens from the test application, which, in some cases, might be more efficient than recording the new screen.

  1. Open the application that you are testing and navigate to the page or dialog that you want to capture.
  2. Open an existing visual test.
  3. Select the test step after which you want to insert the new screen.
    Note: To view test steps and screens in the Test Steps pane, click Actions > View > Steps and Screens.
  4. Choose Insert > Using. Silk Test Workbench minimizes and the Recording dialog box opens.
  5. Click the screen that you want to capture, or press the hot key keystroke combination to capture the screen. The record locator settings option determines whether a click or hot key keystroke combination captures the screen. To change this setting, choose Tools > Options and then expand Record in the Options menu tree and and click Locator. The new Using step appears after the selected test step in the Test Steps pane.

Add the related automation test steps as necessary.