List of Reserved Variables

The following table lists reserved variables that return playback related data for a visual test:

Variable Name Default Value Type Description
st_LastError Empty string Text Returns the text of the last error generated during playback. If no errors are generated during playback (up to the point where the st_LastError value is returned) the value is Nothing.
st_LastReturnValue False Various

Return value of the last executed step in the visual test. The return value is based on the step type.

Most automation steps return True if the operation is successful, and False if it is not. Automation or other steps that return a value such as a string, a column number, or a date, returns that information to the st_LastReturnValue variable.

st_LastValidation False Boolean

Returns the result of the last verification logic performed.

True = most recent verification logic was successful.

False = most recent verification logic failed.

st_Project Project name where the executing visual test resides. Text Returns the name of the project where the executing visual test resides.
st_RepeatListValue Empty string Text

Returns the current input value of the most recently attached control, when an enumeration of that control has been performed. For example, when repeat logic is used to cycle through the items of a ListBox control, the variable can return the current item in the ListBox.

This value returns the names of any items contained in a control. Use Repetition logic to cycle through the items in a list, and use st_RepeatListValue as the value to select.

st_VisualTest Name of the executing visual test Text Returns the name of the executing visual test.