Editing ActiveData Files for ActiveData Testing

Edit data in an ActiveData file used for an ActiveData asset using the Details tab of the ActiveData window. Functionality in the Details tab is disabled until an ActiveData file is named in the General tab. If the Force read only check box is not checked, columns and rows can be added to and removed from the data file, and data can be copied and pasted to and from the list.

Tip: You can also edit ActiveData files in the file's native application. Any changes made to an ActiveData file using its native application appear in the file the next time it is opened in Silk Test Workbench.
  1. Update the contents of the ActiveData file as required.
    1. Click the appropriate button to insert a row or column. Rows and columns are automatically inserted after the last existing row or column.
    2. Select a cell in a row or column, then click the appropriate Delete button to delete the row or column, then click Yes in the message box to confirm the deletion. All data for all cells in the row or column is deleted as well.
    3. Double-click in a cell to enter or edit data in that cell. Data can be typed or copied from an external source and pasted into a cell.
    4. Select a cell in a column, then click Rename to change the name of the header for that column.
    5. Click Save Data at any time to save any updates that have been made. Clicking Save Data saves changes back to the original ActiveData file. If only changing data for a particular test run, first save a copy of the original ActiveData file.
  2. Continue creating the ActiveData asset. You can update data from an ActiveData file used in ActiveData testing during playback. For a visual test, updates are automatically saved back to the ActiveData file, or you can create steps to control how data updates are saved back to the ActiveData file. For more information, see Modifying Advanced Options. For scripts, ActiveData files can be edited during playback using .NET commands.
    Tip: When data in the ActiveData file is updated and saved using the Details tab, Silk Test Workbench updates the version number of the corresponding ActiveData asset. However, when updating data in the ActiveData file using an external tool such as Microsoft Excel, the asset version number is not updated.
    Tip: Add data to always contain quotes or trailing spaces as required for ActiveData testing.