Importing a Silk4J Project

If you need to access Silk4J projects in a central repository, or from another machine, you can import the projects into your Eclipse workspace.
  1. In Eclipse, create a new workspace. For additional information, refer to the Eclipse documentation.
  2. In the Eclipse menu, click File > Import. The Import dialog box opens.
  3. In the tree, expand the General node.
  4. Select Existing Projects into Workspace.
  5. Click Next. The Import Projects dialog box opens.
  6. Click Select root directory.
  7. Click Browse to browse to the location of the project.
  8. Click OK in the Browse For Folder dialog box.
  9. In the Projects list box, check the projects that you want to import.
  10. In the Import Projects dialog box, Click Finish.
The selected projects are imported into the Eclipse workspace.