Configuration Testing with Silk Central Connect

To work with Silk Central, ensure that you have configured a valid Silk Central location. For additional information, see Integrating Silk4J with Silk Central

To execute your automated tests on a variety of configurations, which are combinations of operating systems and Web browsers, you can use Silk Central Connect. Silk Central Connect is a tool that combines aspects of test execution management and configuration testing into an easy to use interface, providing the following advantages:
  • Simple execution of all your automated unit tests on a variety of configurations.
  • Leverages the advantages of the Amazon Web Services, enabling you to easily access a variety of configurations without any upfront investment.
  • Tight integration between Silk Central Connect and Silk4J for easy test creation, maintenance, and execution.
  • Side-by-side result analysis, enabling you to see how all of your tests look like across the different configurations.

For additional information about Silk Central Connect, refer to the Silk Central Connect Help.

For information about installing, deploying, and licensing Silk Central Connect, refer to the Silk Central Installation Help.

For information about configuring your test environment, see Setting Up Execution Servers.