Enabling TrueLog

To enable TrueLog:

  1. Click Silk4J > Edit Options. The Script Options dialog box opens.
  2. Click the TrueLog tab.
  3. In the Basic Settings area, check the Enable TrueLog check box.
    • Click All testcases to log activity for all test cases, both successful and failed. This is the default setting.
    • Click Testcases with errors to log activity for only those test cases with errors.

By default, the TrueLog file is created in the working directory of the process that executed the Silk4J tests. To specify a different location for the TrueLog, click Silk4J > Edit Options to open the Script Options dialog box and click Browse to the right of the TrueLog file field.

When the Silk4J test execution is complete, the Playback Complete dialog box opens, and you can choose to review the TrueLog for the completed test.