Troubleshooting when Testing with UI Automation Support Enabled

Why does a script with UI Automation controls that is recorded on Microsoft Windows 7 not replay on Microsoft Windows 8 or later?

When you record a script that includes UI Automation controls on Microsoft Windows 7 or prior, and then try to replay it on Microsoft Windows 8 or later, the replay might fail. That is because Microsoft has changed the underlying automation, and the UI Automation behave differently between those Windows versions.

For example, some UI Automation controls in an application might have a value for the automationId attribute on Microsoft Windows 7 and no value for the same attribute on Microsoft Windows 10.

In such a case, Micro Focus recommends recording the script again against the later Microsoft Windows version.

Why is the first action in a Microsoft Office application not replayed?

If you are recording against a Microsoft Office application, the application window needs to be active before recording so that Silk4J can replay all actions correctly. For example, if you are recording against Microsoft Excel, and you have changed the focus to another application, the first click in Excel that is recorded by Silk4J will not do anything during replay. You will have to repeat the recorded action and remove it from your test.

As a workaround, left-click into the title bar of the Microsoft Office application before recording any actions. This click into the title bar is not recorded by Silk4J, and you can continue recording as intended.