Implementing Silk Central Keywords in Silk4J

Before implementing Silk Central keywords, define the keywords as part of a keyword-driven test in Silk Central.

To implement a Silk Central keyword in Silk4J:

  1. Create a project in Silk4J with the same name as the keyword library in Silk Central, which includes the keyword-driven test.
  2. If the keyword library in Silk Central has no type assigned, click Silk4J > Upload Keyword Library to set the library type.
  3. Optional: To implement a specific keyword in Silk4J from Silk Central, open the Keywords tab of the library in Silk Central and click Implement with Silk Test in the Actions column of the keyword.
  4. In the Silk4J menu, click Silk4J > Show Keywords View.
  5. In the Keywords view, double-click the keyword-driven test. To update the Keywords view with any changes from Silk Central, click Refresh.
  6. In the toolbar, click Record Actions.
  7. If you have set an application configuration for the current project and you are testing a web application, the Select Browser dialog box opens:
    1. Select the browser.
    2. Optional: If you want to test a web application on a desktop browser with a predefined browser size, select the browser size from the Browser size list.
      For example, to test a web application on Apple Safari and in a browser window which is as big as the screen of the Apple iPhone 7, select Apple iPhone 7 from the list.
    3. Optional: Select an Orientation for the browser window.
    4. Optional: Click Edit Browser Sizes to specify a new browser size and to select which browser sizes should be shown in the Browser size list.
  8. Click Record.
    For additional information on recording, see Recording a Keyword.
  9. Record the actions for the first unimplemented keyword.
  10. When you have recorded all the actions for the current keyword, click Next Keyword.
  11. To switch between keywords in the Recording window, click Previous Keyword and Next Keyword.
  12. Click Stop. The Record Complete dialog box opens.
Note: You cannot delete keywords or change the sequence of the keywords in a keyword-driven test from Silk Central, as these tests are read only in Silk4J.

If an implemented keyword is displayed as not implemented in the Keywords window, check Project > Build Automatically in the Eclipse menu.