When you are using object maps, existing locators that do not start with a slash will no longer work

Locators that include only a class name and that do not start with a slash, for example PushButton, will no longer work if object maps exist. This issue might result in breaking existing scripts that were created in a Silk Test version prior to Silk Test 14.0. For the previous example the script will fail with the following error:
Identifier 'PushButton' was not found in the Object Map.

More complex locators that include more than a class name, for example PushButton[@caption=OK] will continue to work, even if object maps exist.

To fix this issue, add a // to the start of any such locator. For example, if the locator PushButton in the following code does no longer work:
PushButton button = mainWindow.find("PushButton");
Change the code to:
PushButton button = mainWindow.find("//PushButton");