Discovering the Endpoints in your Application Under Test

Use the DISCOVERY tab of the SERVICE VIRTUALIZATION user interface to discover the endpoints in a web application.
  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Silk Test toolbar icon Toolbar icon and choose Service Virtualization. The Service Virtualization user interface appears.
  2. Select the DISCOVERY tab.
  3. Click DISCOVER. Silk4J starts the proxy that is displayed in the Proxy Address field.
  4. Open the browser against which you want to test the AUT. For example, open Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Configure internet access through the proxy that is displayed in the Proxy Address field of the Service Virtualization user interface for the browser. For example, configure http://localhost:9000 as the proxy for Mozilla Firefox. For information on configuring a proxy for a specific browser, refer to the documentation of the browser.
  6. Ensure that the browser has not cached any data about the AUT.
  7. Type the address of the AUT into the address bar of the browser. For example, to discover the endpoints in the demo application that is provided by Micro Focus, type
  8. When the selected page is fully displayed in the browser, click STOP in the SERVICE VIRTUALIZATION user interface. Silk4J displays the discovered endpoints in the Endpoints field.
  9. Check the corresponding check boxes in the Endpoints field to select up to five of the discovered endpoints. For example, to select the POPULAR ITEMS page in the demo application as an endpoint, check the check box before
  10. Click LEARN to continue learning which data is transmitted through the selected endpoints. For additional information, see Learning which Data is Transmitted Through an Endpoint.