Select Application Dialog Box

Use the Select Application dialog box to select the application that you want to test, to associate an application with an object map, or to add an application configuration to a test. Application types are listed in tabs on the dialog box. Select the tab for the application type you want to use.

Lists all Microsoft Windows applications that are running on the system. Select an item from the list and click OK.

Use the Hide processes without caption check box to filter out applications that have no caption.


Lists all available browsers, including mobile browsers on any connected mobile devices and Apple Safari on a Mac. Specify the web page to open in the Enter URL to navigate text box. If an instance of the selected browser is already running, you can click Use URL from running browser to record against the URL currently displayed in the running browser instance. If you want to test a web application on a desktop browser with a predefined browser size, select the browser size from the Browser size list. When selecting a browser size, you can also select an Orientation for the selected browser.

Note: Do not add more than one browser application configuration when testing a web application with a defined base state.
Lists all available mobile devices and all running Android emulators, including devices connected to a remote location. Select this tab to test mobile native applications. You can select to test the mobile application (app) that is currently running on the selected mobile device, or you can browse for or manually specify the name or file of the app that you want to test.