Preparing an iOS Device for Testing

Note: To test native mobile applications or hybrid applications with Silk4J, you require a native mobile license. For additional information, see Licensing Information.

To prepare the iOS device to test mobile applications:

  1. Start Xcode on the Mac.
  2. Connect the iOS device to the Mac.
  3. On the iOS device, click Settings > Developer.
    Tip: If the Developer menu is not displayed on the iOS device, restart the device and the Mac.
  4. Activate Enable UI Automation.
  5. To test a mobile web application on Apple Safari, click Settings > Safari > Advanced.
  6. Activate the Web Inspector.
  7. If you want to test on an iOS Simulator, enable Rotate Device Automatically. You can enable this setting by using the Silk Test Configuration Assistant or by enabling it manually. To open the Configuration Assistant on a Mac, click on the Silk Test icon in the status menus and select Configuration Assistant. To enable the setting manually, perform the following actions:
    1. On the Mac, start the iOS Simulator.
    2. With Xcode 9 or later, expand the Hardware menu. With prior versions of Xcode, expand the Debug menu.
    3. Check Rotate Device Automatically.