Java AWT/Swing Support

Silk4J provides built-in support for testing applications or applets that use the Java AWT/Swing controls. When you configure an application or applet that uses Java AWT/Swing, Silk4J automatically provides support for testing standard AWT/Swing controls.
Note: You can also test Java SWT controls embedded in Java AWT/Swing applications or applets as well as Java AWT/Swing controls embedded in Java SWT applications.
Note: Image click recording is not supported for applications or applets that use the Java AWT/Swing controls.

Sample Applications

Silk Test provides a sample Swing test application. Download and install the sample applications from After you have installed the sample applications, click (in Microsoft Windows 7) Start > Programs > Silk > Silk Test > Sample Applications > Java Swing > Swing Test Application or (in Microsoft Windows 10) Start > Silk.

For information about new features, supported platforms, and tested versions, refer to the Release Notes.

Supported Controls

For a complete list of the controls available for Java AWT/Swing testing, view a list of the supported Swing classes in the API Reference:
  • com.borland.silktest.jtf.swing - contains Java Swing specific classes
  • com.borland.silktest.jtf.common.types - contains data types