Flex Automated Testing Initialization

When the user launches the Flex application, the following initialization events occur:
  1. The automation initialization code associates component delegate classes with component classes.
  2. The component delegate classes implement the IAutomationObject interface.
  3. An instance for the AutomationManager is created in the mixin init() method. (The AutomationManager is a mixin.)
  4. The SystemManager initializes the application. Component instances and their corresponding delegate instances are created. Delegate instances add event listeners for events of interest.
  5. The Silk4J FlexTechDomain is a mixin. In the FlexTechDomain init() method, the FlexTechDomain registers for the SystemManager.APPLICATION_COMPLETE event. When the event is received, it creates a FlexTechDomain instance.
  6. The FlexTechDomain instance connects via a TCP/IP socket to the Silk Test Agent on the same machine that registers for record/playback functionality.
  7. The FlexTechDomain requests information about the automation environment. This information is stored in XML files and is forwarded from the Silk Test Agent to the FlexTechDomain.