Locator Spy

You can use the Locator Spy to record unique Silk Test locators or WebDriver locators for any control in your application under test (AUT). From the Locator Spy, you can copy the locator for a control or any attributes of the control into methods in your scripts. You can also use the Locator Spy to edit the attributes of the locator for a control and you to validate these changes. Using the Locator Spy ensures that the locator for a control is valid.

The object tree in the Locator Spy lists all the controls that are available in the AUT. You can use the object tree to inspect the available controls and the control hierarchy of the AUT. When recording WebDriver locators, a ">" in the object tree denotes switching from one IFrame to another.

Note: The locator attributes table of the Locator Spy displays all attributes that you can use in the locator. For web applications, the table also includes any attributes that you have defined to be ignored during recording.