Setting Replay Options

Specify whether you want to ensure that the object that you want to test is active and whether to override the default replay mode. The replay mode defines whether controls are replayed with the mouse and keyboard or with the API. Use the default mode to deliver the most reliable results. When you select another mode, all controls use the selected mode.
  1. Click Silk4J > Edit Options. The Script Options dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Replay tab. The Replay Options page displays.
  3. If the application under test usually takes a long time to start, increase the time to wait for the application by increasing the value in the OPT_APPREADY_TIMEOUT text box.
  4. From the OPT_REPLAY_MODE list box, select one of the following options:
    • Default – Use this mode for the most reliable results. By default, each control uses either the mouse and keyboard (low level) or API (high level) modes. With the default mode, each control uses the best method for the control type.
    • High level – Use this mode to replay each control using the API of the target technology. For example for Rumba controls, the Rumba RDE API is used to replay the controls.
    • Low level – Use this mode to replay each control using the mouse and keyboard.
  5. To ensure that the object that you want to test is active, check the OPT_ENSURE_ACTIVE_OBJDEF check box.
  6. To change the time to wait for an object to become enabled during playback, type the new time into the field in the Object enabled timeout section. The time is specified in milliseconds. The default value is 1000.
  7. To enable the Playback Status dialog box, check the OPT_SHOW_PLAYBACK_STATUS_DIALOG check box. You can use the Playback Status dialog box to see the actions that are performed during the replay of a test on a remote location, for example when executing a test against a mobile application on a remote device.
  8. To display a video or screenshots of the application under test in the Playback Status dialog box, check the OPT_PLAYBACK_STATUS_DIALOG_SCREENSHOTS check box.
  9. To edit the prefix that specifies that an asset is located in the current project, edit the text for the Asset namespace option in the OPT_ASSET_NAMESPACE text box.
  10. Click OK.