Setting Pre-Fill During Recording and Replaying

Defines whether items in a WPFItemsControl, like WPFComboBox or WPFListBox, are pre-filled during recording and playback. WPF itself lazily loads items for certain controls, so these items are not available for Silk4J if they are not scrolled into view. Turn pre-filling on, which is the default setting, to additionally access items that are not accessible without scrolling them into view. However, some applications have problems when the items are pre-filled by Silk4J in the background, and these applications can therefore crash. In this case turn pre-filling off.

  1. Click Silk4J > Edit Options.
  2. Click the WPF tab.
  3. In the Pre-fill items area, check the OPT_WPF_PREFILL_ITEMS check box.
  4. Click OK.