Silk Test Classic Cannot Load My Project File

If Silk Test Classic cannot load your project file, the contents of your .vtp file might have changed or your .ini file might have been moved.

If you remove or incorrectly edit the ProjectIni= line in the ProjectProfile section of your <projectname>.vtp file, or if you have moved your <projectname>.ini file and the ProjectIni= line no longer points to the correct location of the .ini file, Silk Test Classic is not able to load your project.

To avoid this, make sure that the ProjectProfile section exists in your .vtp file and that the section refers to the correct name and location of your .ini file. Additionally, the <projectname>.ini file and the <projectname>.vtp file refer to each other, so ensure that these references are correct in both files. Perform these changes in a text editor outside of Silk Test Classic.


The following code sample shows a sample ProjectProfile section in a <projectname>.vtp file:
ProjectIni=C:\Program Files\<Silk Test install directory>\SilkTest\Projects\<projectname>.ini