TypeKeys Method (ConsoleClass)




Sends a set of keystrokes to the console.


This functionality is supported only if you are using the Open Agent.


Console.TypeKeys (sEvents)
Variable Description
sEvents The keystrokes to type. STRING.


  • If no console is open, TypeKeys opens a console.
  • On Windows, TypeKeys first gives the console input focus before typing into it.
  • You can use SetOption to set a delay between keystrokes with the OPT_KEYBOARD_DELAY option. If keystrokes are not recognized, you can try to use a higher value for the delay.
  • A key can be followed by a counter, which defines how often the keys should be typed.
  • During the delay time, the screen is locked and interaction with the mouse and keyboard is no longer possible.


The following code executes the dir command in a console window to list all the files and directories in the current directory:

//dir is executed
Console.TypeKeys ("dir<Enter>")