DynamicInvokeMethods Method (AnyWin)


AnyWin class.


Dynamically invokes a sequence of nested methods starting at this window. Each method call except the last one must have a return object. Each return object becomes the target for calling the next method in the list of method names with the next argument list in the list of parameters until the last method call. If the method names, argument lists, or returned objects do not match, a runtime error is generated.

This method is implemented for all technology domains that support dynamic invoke. For test objects in a Windows Forms application or a WPF application, DynamicInvokeMethods can additionally invoke a sequence of public static methods that the MSDN defines and user-defined public static methods of any type.


result = anyWin.DynamicInvokeMethods(names, parameters)
Variable Description
result The result of the last method that was invoked. Object.
names A list of method names in the order that they are to be called. List Of String.
parameters A list of argument lists, to be matched with the method names. Trailing empty argument lists may be omitted. List Of List Of Object.