WaitForPropertyNotEquals Method (AnyWin)




Waits until the specified property has a value that is different to the specified value or until the timeout is reached.


This method is supported only in scripts that use the Open Agent and dynamic object recognition.


WaitForPropertyNotEquals (propertyName, propertyValue, [timeout])
Variable Description
propertyName The name of the property. STRING.
propertyValue The value of the property to check against. ANYTYPE.
timeout Optional: The maximum wait time in seconds. NUMBER.


If the property value does not become unequal to the specified value before the timeout occurs, an E_REPLAY_TIMEOUT exception is thrown.

If you don't explicitly pass a timeout using the optional timeout parameter, the timeout specified by the option OPT_WINDOW_TIMEOUT is used.


The following example waits for a financial transaction to complete. The transaction is finished when a UI control no longer displays Processing payment....

object.WaitForPropertyNotEquals("Text", "Processing payment...", 10.0)