Extracting Results

Use the Extract Results dialog box to extract results in an unstructured ASCII text format.

  1. Click Results > Extract. This menu is only available if the active file is a results file.
  2. Select the destination of the extracted output.
    • To view the extracted results in a new editor window, select Window.
    • To store the extracted results in a new file, select File.
    • To send the extracted results to a printer, select Printer.
    The default setting is Window.
  3. Select which information you want to extract.
    • To extract only script information, select Scripts.
    • To extract script and test case information, select Scripts and testcases.
    • To extract all error information, select Anything with errors.
    The default setting is Scripts and testcases.
  4. Optional: Specify which optional text to extract.
    • Check the Output text check box to extract the output of sprint statements.
    • Check the Error text check box to extract text generated by the LogError and ExceptLog functions.
    • Check the Summary text check box to extract the description of which tests passed and failed and the number of errors that were produced by failed tests.
  5. Select the results that you want to extract from the Results to extract list. To select more than one result, press Ctrl and click each file you want to extract. The default result is the result that is currently displayed in the results window.
  6. Click OK.