Viewing Differences

If a verification fails, because the actual value is different to the expected value, you can use the Difference Viewer from the results file to compare the expected value with the actual value.

You can use Results > Next Result Difference to find the next difference and update the values using Results > Update Expected Value.

Note: The Difference Viewer does not work for remote agent tests, because the compared values must be available on the local machine.
  1. Move the mouse cursor over the error in the results file.
  2. Click Results > View Differences. You can also click on the red square that precedes the error message in the results file. The Difference Viewer appears, listing every expected (baseline) value in the left pane and the corresponding actual value in the right pane. Differences are marked with red, blue, or green lines, which denote different types of differences, for example deleted, changed, and added items.
  3. Compare the values in the Expected value and Actual value fields.
  4. If the error was caused by a wrong expected value, click Results > Update Expected Value to modify the expected value in the test case.
  5. Click Results > Next Result Difference in the menu to find the next difference.
Note: If the error message on which you click relates to the appearance of the application under test, for example when bitmaps have different sizes, Silk Test Classic opens the Bitmap Tool to compare the baseline and results bitmaps.