Searching for a Keyword

This functionality is supported only if you are using the Open Agent.

Use the search field in the Keywords window to find a specific keyword. When you enter alphanumeric characters, the list is dynamically updated with all existing matches. Tips for searching:
  • The search is case-insensitive: doAction will find doaction and DOAction.
  • Enter only capital letters to perform a so-called CamelCase search: ECD will find Enter Car Details, Enter Contact Details and EnterContactDetails.
  • Keyword and group names are considered: test will find all keywords that contain test and all keywords in groups where the group name contains test.
  • ? replaces 0-1 characters: user?test will find userTest and usersTest.
  • * replaces 0-n characters: my*keyword will find myKeyword, myNewKeyword and my_other_keyword.
  • .<string> only searches in keyword names: .keyword will find all keywords that contain keyword.
  • Use quotes to search for an exact match: 'Keyword' will find Keyword and MyKeyword, but not keyword.