Testing with a Remote Open Agent

This functionality is supported only if you are using the Open Agent.

To replay tests against an application on a remote machine with Silk Test Classic, perform the following actions:
  1. Create a test against the application on the local machine.
  2. Install the Open Agent on the remote machine. For additional information, refer to the Silk Test Installation Guide.
  3. Start the Open Agent on the remote machine.
  4. Connect to the Open Agent on the remote machine.
    • Click Options > Runtime and specify the IP address of the remote machine in the Agent name field.
    • Add the Connect function to your test script.
    For example, to connect to the Open Agent on the remote machine with the network name agentmachine, type the following into the test script:
    	[ ] HANDLE hOpenAgent
    	[ ] hOpenAgent = Connect("agentmachine", OPEN_AGENT)
    To execute a command in the test script on the remote machine, add the handle to the command. For example, if the command in the local test script was SomeAgentFunction, change the command to the following:
    [ ] hOpenAgent->SomeAgentFunction()
    For additional information, see Connect Function.