How Can the Application Developers Make Applications Ready for Automated Testing?

The attributes available for a specific control in the application under test (AUT) might not be sufficient to guarantee that Silk Test Classic always recognizes the control during automated testing. In such a case the application developer can add custom attributes to the control, which can then be used as locator attributes for the control. The following examples describe how an application developer can include custom attributes in different application types:
  • To include custom attributes in a Web application, add them to the html tag. Type <input type='button' bcauid='abc' value='click me' /> to add an attribute called bcauid.
  • To include custom attributes in a Java SWT application, use the org.swt.widgets.Widget.setData(String <varname>key</varname>, Object <varname>value</varname>) method.
  • To include custom attributes in a Swing application, use the putClientProperty("propertyName", "propertyValue") method.