Silk Test Product Suite

Silk Test is an automated testing tool for fast and reliable functional and regression testing. Silk Test helps development teams, quality teams, and business analysts to deliver software faster, and with high quality. With Silk Test you can record and replay tests across multiple platforms and devices to ensure that your applications work exactly as intended.

The Silk Test product suite includes the following components:
  • Silk Test WorkbenchSilk Test Workbench is the quality testing environment that offers .NET scripting for power users and easy to use visual tests to make testing more accessible to a broader audience.
  • Silk4NET – The Silk4NET Visual Studio plug-in enables you to create Visual Basic or C# test scripts directly in Visual Studio.
  • Silk4JThe Silk4J Eclipse plug-in enables you to create Java-based test scripts directly in your Eclipse environment.
  • Silk Test ClassicSilk Test Classic is the Silk Test client that enables you to create scripts based on 4Test.
  • Silk Test Agents – The Silk Test agent is the software process that translates the commands in your tests into GUI-specific commands. In other words, the agent drives and monitors the application you are testing. One agent can run locally on the host machine. In a networked environment, any number of agents can run on remote machines.

The sizes of the individual boxes in the image above differ for visualization purposes and do not reflect the included functionality.

The product suite that you install determines which components are available. To install all components, choose the complete install option. To install all components with the exception of Silk Test Classic, choose the standard install option.