Parent Statement


In a window declaration, specifies the parent window of the window being declared.


[gui-specifier] parent window
Variable Description
gui-specifier Optional: Specifies the GUIs that the declaration applies to. If omitted, the specification applies to all GUIs.
window Identifier specifying the name of the parent window.


See the window declaration for an example of the parent statement in context.

The parent statement specifies the parent window of the window being declared.

Silk Test Classic automatically includes a valid parent statement when you generate window declarations. In some instances, you might want to edit a parent statement. For example, you can add a GUI specifier to indicate that the statement applies only to a particular platform, such as Windows. For more information, see window declaration.


Different GUIs do not always build their internal window hierarchies in the same way, and the parent of a window may change when an application is ported. In particular, a window whose parent is the desktop on one GUI may have a different parent on another GUI.