Adding a Property to the Recorder

  1. Write a method.
  2. Add a property to the class.
  3. Add the property to the list of property names.

For example, if you have a text field that is ReadOnly and you want to add that property to the recorder you can do the following:

  1. Write the method Boolean IsReadOnly() for the TextField class.
  2. Add the property, bReadOnly to the class.
  3. Add bReadOnly to the list of property names.
  4. Compile. bReadOnly will appear in the Recorder after you compile.
    Winclass TextField : TextFieldBOOLEAN IsReadOnly()
    STRING sOriginalText = this.GetText()
    STRING sNewText = "xxx"
    if this.GetText()==sOriginalText
    return TRUE
    return FALSE
    property bReadOnly
    BOOLEAN Get()
    return this.IsReadOnly()
    LIST OF STRING IsPropertyNames = {…}