Client/Server Testing Challenges

Silk Test Classic provides powerful support for testing client/server applications and databases in a networked environment. Testing multiple remote applications raises the level of complexity of QA engineering above that required for stand-alone application testing. Here are just a few of the testing methodology challenges raised by client/server testing:
  • Managing simultaneous automatic regression tests on different configurations and platforms.
  • Ensuring the reproducibility of client/server tests that modify a server database.
  • Verifying the server operations of a client application independently, without relying on the application under test.
  • Testing the concurrency features of a client/server application.
  • Testing the intercommunication capabilities of networked applications.
  • Closing down multiple failed applications and bringing them back to a particular base state (recovery control).
  • Testing the functioning of the server application when driven at peak request rates and at maximum data rates (peak load and volume testing).
  • Automated regression testing of multi-tier client/server architectures.