type ... is record Declaration


Declares a record data type.

Note: Data type declarations must appear outside of any function.


[scope] type type-name is record 
Variable Description
scope Optional: Either public (the default) or private. Private declarations are available only in the file in which they occur. Public declarations can be accessed from other files by means of a use statement.
type-name An identifier that names the type being declared.
record-fields The fields that make up the record. See the example and notes below.


  • A record data type is a compound data type that is made up of fields. It groups together a fixed number of randomly accessible items of different types.

  • The fields in a record can each have a different data type (including the record type itself). For example, you can declare a record type which holds all the values in the "Find" dialog box, including strings, integers, or other kinds of data.


[-] type PERSON is record
	[ ] STRING sFirstName 
	[ ] STRING sLastName 
	[ ] INTEGER iAge