TimerStr Function


Returns a timer’s elapsed time as a string.


sElapsed = TimerStr (hTimer)
Variable Description
sElapsed The elapsed time. STRING.
hTimer A handle to the timer to check. HTIMER.


TimerStr returns a string that is the elapsed time that the specified timer has been running. The value returned is accurate to the millisecond (.001 seconds).

The elapsed time that TimerStr returns is the time that has elapsed since the timer was started (with TimerStart), minus the time (if any) it was paused.


STRING sOverallTime
HTIMER TotalTimer
TotalTimer = TimerCreate ()
TimerStart (TotalTimer)
// ...
TimerStop (TotalTimer)
sOverallTime = TimerStr (TotalTimer)
Print ("All code executed in {sOverallTime} seconds")
TimerDestroy (TotalTimer)