Defining Symbols in the Testplan Detail Dialog box

Place the insertion cursor in the plan where you need to assign a value to a symbol.

  1. Click Testplan > Detail.
  2. Select the Symbols tab on the Testplan Detail dialog box, and enter the symbol definition in the text box to the left of the Add button. You do not need to enter the $ character; the test plan editor takes care of this for you when it inserts the definitions into the test plan.
  3. Click Add. Silk Test Classic adds the symbol to the list box above the Add text text box.
  4. Define additional symbols in the same manner, and then click OK when finished.

    Silk Test Classic closes the Testplan Detail dialog box and enters the symbol definitions, including the $ character, into the plan. If a symbol is defined at a level in the plan where it can be shared by a group of tests, each test can assign its own local value to the symbol, overriding whatever value it had at the higher level. You can tell whether a symbol is locally assigned by using the Testplan Detail dialog box: Locally assigned symbols display in black. Symbols that inherit their values display in blue.