SetExclude Function


Returns the first set after excluding from it any members also contained in the second set.


SubSet = SetExclude (MainSet, ExcludeSet)
Variable Description
SubSet The set returned after excluding all members also contained in ExcludeSet. SET.
MainSet The set from which you want to exclude some members. SET.
ExcludeSet The set whose members you want to exclude from the main set. SET.


The exclusion of set B from set A is equivalent to:

SetIntersection (A, SetComplement (B))

You can also use the minus (-) operator for this operation. The following statement is the equivalent of the SetExclude statement in the example below:

COLORS MyColors = WindowColors - HotColors


COLORS WindowColors, HotColors
// Generate a set of cool window colors
COLORS MyColors = SetExclude (WindowColors, HotColors)