SYS_SetEnv Function


Sets the value of the specified environment variable.


SYS_SetEnv (sName, sValue)
Variable Description
sName The name of the environment variable to set. STRING.
sValue The new value of the environment variable. STRING.


If sName does not exist, SYS_SetEnv creates it. An exception is raised if the system is out of environment space.

SYS_SetEnv persists only as long as the current session of Silk Test Classic is open. The environment variables in Control Panel System settings are kept in the registry, so if you want to modify them with Silk Test Classic, use:

"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment",
"Path", "<the path you want to set>"

Windows Platforms

SYS_SetEnv is executed by the Agent process, not the Silk Test Classic process. To affect the host process, use the function with the hHost notation or machine handle operator. For more information about the machine handle operator and hHost, see Machine handle operator.


sPath = SYS_GetEnv ("PATH")
Print (sPath)
// adds new directory to the PATH variable
sPath += "c:\newdir"
SYS_SetEnv ("PATH", sPath)
sPath = SYS_GetEnv ("PATH")
Print (sPath)