Comparing Bitmaps

The Bitmap Tool can create and graphically locate the differences between two bitmaps. You can use all Windows functionality to resize, save, and otherwise manipulate bitmaps, in addition to the special comparison features included in the tool.

Using the Bitmap Tool, you can:

The Bitmap Tool has the following major comparison commands:
Creates a Differences window, which is a child window containing a black-and-white bitmap. Black represents areas with no differences and white represents areas with differences.

Creates a special, not sizable, Zoom window with three panes and resizes and stacks the Baseline, Differences, and Result windows.

  • The top pane of the Zoom window contains a zoomed portion of the Baseline window.
  • The middle pane shows a zoomed portion of the Differences window.
  • The bottom pane shows a zoomed portion of the Result window.

All three zoomed portions show the same part of the bitmap. When you move the mouse within any of the three windows, the Bitmap Tool generates a simultaneous and synchronized real-time display in all three panes of the Zoom window.

While in scan mode, you can capture the Zoom window to examine a specific bitmap difference.

The tool indicates the location of the first difference it finds by placing a square in the same relative location of the Baseline, Result, and Differences windows. The three panes of the Zoom window also show the difference.
Comparison Statistics
Provides statistics about the bitmaps.
You can also compare bitmaps by creating and applying masks.