DB_ProcedureColumns Function


Returns the list of input and output parameters, as well as the columns that make up the result set for the specified procedures. The information is returned as a result set on the specified statement.


hstmnt = DB_ProcedureColumns (hdbc, catalog-name, schema-name, proc-name, column-name)
Variable Description

The returned handle to the executed SQL statement. This is an input parameter for other DBTester functions, for example DB_FetchNext. HSQL.


The handle to a database as returned by DB_Connect. HDATABASE.


Catalog name. STRING.


String search pattern for schema names. STRING.


String search pattern for procedure names. STRING.


String search pattern for column names. STRING.


  • DB_ProcedureColumns corresponds to SQLProcedureColumns. For additional information about SQLProcedureColumns, see SQLProcedureColumns Function.

  • The catalog-name argument cannot contain a wildcard.

  • The following wildcard characters are supported for arguments:
    Wildcard character Matches
    % The percent sign matches any character sequence.
    _ The underscore matches any single character.
  • To omit a variable argument, which is not a required argument, specify the argument as an empty string ("").

  • When you receive a valid statement handle, you can call DB_FetchNext or DB_FetchPrevious to manipulate the information.


[ ] STRING cat, sch, proc, col,ignore, proc-name, proc-col
[ ] hstmnt = DB_ProcedureColumns (hdbc, cat, sch,"","") 
[ ] // { retrieve procedure and procedure column names; ignore the rest.
[-] while (DB_FetchNext (hstmt, ignore, ignore, proc-name, proc-col) == TRUE) {
	[ ] //print procedure and procedure column names ...
[-] }