Load Different Include Files for Different Versions of the Test Application

  1. Define a compiler constant. For example, you might define a constant named MyIncludeFile.
  2. Insert the following statement into your 4Test file: use constant. For example, if you defined a constant MyIncludeFile, insert the following statement: use MyIncludeFile. In this example, constant can also be an expression that evaluates to a constant at compile time.
  3. When you are ready to compile your 4Test files, specify the file name of the include file you want loaded as the value of the constant in the Compiler Constants dialog box. Be sure to enclose the value in quotation marks if it is a string.
  4. Compile your code.

Silk Test Classic evaluates all compiler constants and substitutes their values for the constants in your code. In this case, the constant MyIncludeFile will be evaluated to a file, which will be loaded through the use statement.