Why Silk Test Classic Sees Controls as Custom Controls

A control is defined by the following:

Whenever the definition of a control varies from the standard, Silk Test Classic defines the control as a custom control. During recording, Silk Test Classic attempts to identify the class of each control in your GUI and to assign the appropriate class from the built-in class hierarchy. If a control does not correspond to one of the built-in classes, Silk Test Classic designates the control as a custom control.

Classic Agent Example

For example, Silk Test Classic supports the standard MFC library, which is a library of functions that allow for the creation of controls and the mechanism of interaction with them. In supporting these libraries, Silk Test Classic contains algorithms to interrogate the controls based upon the standard libraries. When these algorithms do not work, Silk Test Classic reports the control as a CustomWin.

Suppose that you see a text box in a window in your application under test. It looks like a normal text field, but Silk Test Classic calls it a control of the class CustomWin.