Starting the Bitmap Tool from the Results File

When the verification of a bitmap fails in a test case, Silk Test Classic saves the actual result in a bitmap file with the same name as the baseline bitmap but with the extension .rmp. So, if the bitmap file testbase.bmp fails the comparison, Silk Test Classic names the result bitmap file testbase.rmp. It also logs an error message in the results file.

Note: In some cases this error message does not reflect an actual error. In particular, when Silk Test Classic compares a bitmap it captured with one captured in the Bitmap Tool, the comparison fails because Silk Test Classic stores footer information in its bitmap. The bitmaps might in fact be identical in all ways except for this information.

To compare the actual bitmap generated by the test case against the baseline bitmap generated by the bitmap tool or one of Silk Test Classic’s built-in functions, click the box icon preceding the error message.

Silk Test Classic opens the bitmap tool, opens both the baseline bitmap, which is the expected bitmap as a .bmp file, and the result bitmap, which is the actual bitmap as a .rmp file, creates a Results/View Differences and places it in between the baseline bitmap and the result bitmap. The right portion of the tool displays a three-paned Zoom window.