CursorClass, ClipboardClass, and AgentClass

The following three classes are not part of the AnyWin class hierarchy, because they define methods for objects that are not windows:
Defines the three methods you can use on the cursor: GetPosition, GetType, and Wait.
Defines the two methods you can use on the system clipboard: GetText and SetText.
Defines the methods you can use to set options in the 4Test Agent. The 4Test Agent is the component of Silk Test Classic that translates the method calls in your test cases into the appropriate GUI- specific event streams.

Predefined identifiers for Cursor, Clipboard, and Agent

You do not record declarations for the cursor, the clipboard, or the Agent. Instead, you use predefined identifiers for each of these objects when you want to use a method to act against the object. The predefined methods for each are:

  • 4Test Agent: Agent
  • clipboard: Clipboard
  • cursor (mouse pointer): Cursor
For example, to set a 4Test Agent option, you use a call such as the following: